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About Us - Clean the Schools

Ours is the not profit organization with a team of members aims in providing proper hygiene and Sanitation in Schools. We help the schools which are in requirements of these needs, we request and invite any of the visitors to come and participate in these programs to serve the students who are studying in these schools and waiting for the change in their premises.

School Sanitation and Hygiene Education is an extremely attractive issue not only from the political as well as from a social perspective. It is focused around the start that kids have a privilege to basic rights, for example, school toilets, safe drinking water, clean surroundings and information on hygiene. If these conditions are created, students comes to school, better learning, learn better and take once again to their families ideas and practices on sanitation and cleanliness. Such conditions have a considerably more noteworthy positive result for school girls who regularly remain as such or drop out of schools which don't have proper toilet facilities. Unfortunately, the high expectations of school health and hygiene education programmes have not always been fulfilled. In numerous nations, schools are not safe for students because of disregard of the operation and support of facilities in addition hygiene education given to children has not always been relevant or effective.

Major Problems in Schools:

  • Non-existent or inadequate water supply, sanitation and hand-washing facilities.
  • Toilets or lavatories that are not adjusted to the needs of students, specifically girls.
  • Broken, messy and hazardous water supply, sanitation and hand washing facilities.
  • Unhealthy and dirty classrooms and school compounds.
  • Youngsters with poor hand washing habits and practices

The provision of safe water and sanitation facilities in schools is a first step towards a healthy physical learning environment benefiting both learning and health. In any case, the simple provision of facilities does not make them supportable or produce the desired impact. It is the utilization of technical facilities and the related suitable cleanliness practices of people that give health benefits. In schools, cleanliness instruction intends to advance those practices that will help avoid water and sanitation-related diseases as well as promoting healthy behavior in the future generation of adults.

Our campaigners have done some pretty amazing things to raise money for clean water and necessary hygiene in Schools and also thinking about better ideas to do every day. Our hygiene fund is voluntary in nature. Anyone, be it teachers, students, community members or visitors, can contribute to it. To encourage community participation, we proposed the idea to the head of our organization and came forward to collect donations and help at least some of the schools and the students studying in these to schools with proper hygiene.

Clean Water & Sanitation


Is school all about teaching and learning? Isn't there anything beyond that in schools? Along with imparting education to the students, we also should take care of their health. Schools should make good provision for drinking water because students are often seen drinking water from the school's water purifiers. Sanitation and hygiene in the schools should be taken seriously because these can affect the students' health.

Hygiene refers to the significance of cleanliness in maintaining good health. An unhygienic way of life and terrible sanitation is one of the real reasons why individuals fall sick regularly. The invulnerability level of children on a normal is weaker than the grown-ups. Therefore, they ought to dependably be kept in a solid situation where in any event the sanitation is great. It is likewise the duty of the parents to instruct the kids how to keep up cleanliness in their lives furthermore the great and terrible impacts of cleanliness.

Hygiene is not just kept up by keeping the surroundings clean. Kids ought to be taught to get into a standard of brushing teeth routinely in light of the fact that this propensity keeps them from tooth harm and rot. One more propensity which must be taught to the little children is to wash their hands in the wake of utilizing the can, hacking and sniffling, in the wake of playing with pets and obviously before consuming. With poor sanitation kids can't stay sound and in this manner, can't satisfy their instruction potential. As a result, the sanitation and hygiene factors affect a child's right to education in manways.

Research shows, around four hundred million school going students are infected by intestinal worms and finally it affects their learning abilities. It has been found that a majority of the schools have poor sanitation facility and students of those schools fall ill more than the students of the schools who have good sanitation facilities. Schools can initiate the development of useful life skills on health and hygiene. Children are always enthusiastic to learn and absorb new concepts and ideas. Moreover, when they learn something in their schools they tend not to forget it in their entire life. If they are taught in the schools to maintain hygiene in their lives, they make it a habit for their entire life. Hygienic practices stay inside the individuals as a long lasting positive propensity. Numerous associations have effectively taken an activity to help the schools with fitting sanitation office in more than thirty nations. A great deal has been carried out for the schools so far to advance cleanliness and sanitation with the point of keeping the youngsters solid.

How Your Donation Helps


There are many ways for you to help the poor children and the schools which are not having sufficient facilities for the sake of the children. The most important thing to do is just pick one. Please do not investigate 'clean the schools' and then do nothing. Children need schools and food. We can help them before they lose all other hope. There are many good organizations but they need funding to make a bigger difference. Our donation can make that difference. The sooner we donate, the sooner your amount can do some good for the children seeking for better hygiene and sanitation in their schools.

Many people know the significance of clean water and essential sanitation for wellbeing, yet, barely consider what not having these enhancements implies for schools and instruction. As indicated by a system called clean the schools, studies have demonstrated that schools lacking "fundamental enhancements like Toilets, Access to Water and Basic Infrastructure creates an unwelcome situation in schools, which prompts higher rate of non-attendance, at long last coming about into drop outs. Many children, particularly girls, do not attend school because appropriate and private sanitation facilities are lacking. The majority of schools lack water and sanitation facilities resulting in low enrollment of girls and high student absentee rates due to frequent illnesses. Knowledge and practice of personal hygiene among the school going children in this district is also poor, for example, only 100% of the children in the target schools wash their hands after visiting latrines.

Cleantheschools does not simply help get clean water and working toilets into school, it additionally manufactures mindfulness on exactly how critical water and sanitation are to numerous parts of life, including instruction, uses entire groups to discover answers for the schools, and raises cash through gifts from partners, partnerships, and the overall population. The program believes that improved sanitation and the provision of other basic amenities will make schools and students happier, healthier, and more active. The task will give supplies and offices that children requirements for sanitation, hand-washing, and water supply, projects supporting kids to create abilities, state of mind, and learning of successful cleanliness, and it will manufacture the limit of school administration boards to execute school sanitation programs. The most remarkable aspect of the program is that the results are lifelong. The program's sustainability means that once the cleantheschool program is implemented, the recipients have both the knowledge and tools necessary to provide themselves with clean water and sanitation for life.

What We Do


Children are the future of any civilized society and it is necessary to ensure their physical and mental well being to ensure a healthy and intellectual society in the future. Social organizations have started to perceive the absence of use indicated by government run associations in determining these issues and are in this manner taking significant activities to determine the issue at grassroots level. It is a reality perceived by the legislature and the common society that a great many youngsters are routinely denied their fundamental human rights in creating and monetarily retrogressive nations. There are numerous plans that guarantee to ensure the privileges of the child however they are all influenced by the intense trouble that emerges in their legitimate usage. The communities have started using the existing health facilities and taken advantage of Government immunization schemes. Poor sanitation can lead to communicable diseases and other health related problems. Where there is no sanitation communities have to use the bushes and streams, which are also used for drawing drinking water.

The lack of hygiene causes a number of health issues, most especially diarrhea in all age's groups, which can be fatal in infants. Working alongside the Environmental Officer communities are taught about the importance of hygiene when handling food, collecting water, after using a latrine and during sickness. Cleantheschools did not stop with giving mindfulness on wellbeing and cleanliness, additionally enhanced the drinking water conditions in the schools with most noteworthy need. The condition declined after huge numbers of the wells and water assets got to be saline because of the immersion of ocean water. Numerous measures have been taken to endeavor determination of this issue in the course of recent years. Having no access to clean, safe water and soap creates many health issues. We are raising funds to improve the sanitation and provide basic hygiene education.

Promoting cleanliness and safe sanitation practices at the schools was implemented to enable the younger generation to be better aware of water borne diseases and the benefits of clean and safe classrooms and toilets. We have been influential in the formation of School level cleaning programs with the aim of creating leadership quality among the younger generation. Both girls and boys are the part of the three committees – Water committee, Sanitation committee and Hygiene committee – and take care of the maintenance and hygiene at their schools especially to reach the sanitation needs of the girls. Training to children has been increased by insisting on school hygiene education